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Our Clients !

Our clients are corporations from industries with complex logistic requirements such as high-tech, rail, aerospace, automotive and medical equipment and Transportation. We think their names stand for themselves. It is our goal to increase their number.But we appologize that we give a list of our clients only on request because of confidential terms of AYMEXCO S.R.L.

However, even more important to us is that we become long-term partners to our clients. Only an enduring partnership enables us to start projects immediately without any time losses caused by elaborative preparation work.

Our competitive advantage is that we are quickly available and familiar with the topics and individual situations of our long-term customers. The continuity of our knowhow is a major reason for being well accepted by our clients and, of course, for the success of our projects.

By the way, we take over responsibility for the success of our projects, one of our unbreakable rules is to act like its our Business. We do this because we believe in our strategies. This is something else the word “partnership” means to us.