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How  we are working…

Project  and  Team

When we submit an offer, we have already thought about the perfect team composition for the potential project: What kind of professional expertise is required from the individual team members? Who is already familiar with a specific product, region, function or concrete problem? Who brings along human qualities that assure success to the customer and the team? It is our goal to create an orchestra from single instruments.

Each project places different requirements on team, tools and methods. Therefore each crew is composed differently and tailored to the customer’s and project’s needs. Sometimes our teams are supported by financial auditors and lawyers, sometimes by physicists and mechanical engineers. Sometimes our consultants are specialized in the relevant branch, sometimes they are experts in specific products or processes. Young consultants and experienced professionals with different types of educational backgrounds, qualifications, nationalities and project experience. We are convinced of the power that lies in varying perspectives.

Helping our clients and their projects be successful is our principal goal. It requires a high degree of flexibility and good organization. Often we start with a powerful taskforce in order to achieve “quick wins” as soon as possible. At other times experts are involved temporarily in the course of a project. Therefore we have to be highly flexible when sizing and composing teams.

Our projects are embedded in long-term partnerships with our clients, but they are often subdivided into smaller projects, intermediate presentations, coordination processes and decision-making at our client’s site. The goal is to win the trophy at the end of the game; however, this always requires winning several round


Analysis and Realization

We conduct our projects in an analytical manner based on facts. No conclusion without a sound data base. We use professional methods, tools and techniques on the basis of longtime experience and – last but not least – we use common sense.


Our teams are supported by our information center, in which numbers, data, ratios and methods are documented in a professional manner; nobody has to reinvent the wheel. Based on solid data and a profound understanding of our clients’ operative framework and business processes, we develop new concepts and strategies, optimize processes and organization and adjust IT in line with these improvements. However, this is always  conducted in an extremely analytical and substantial manner. This is our strength!

Excellent project results and taylor made solutions are also achieved, using the most suitable tools. In the course of numerous projects our “tool box” has been filled with methods, tools and instruments. In order to prevent a problem from looking like a nail, just because we are holding a hammer in our hand, we not only advance our tools continuously but also create completely new methods from time to time, if the project requires so.

...we Love our work

We love projects that show results and in which we are able to really move and achieve something. Our commitment does not end with a presentation of results, often immediately implemented and realized; rather we want to make an impact and a real achievement. We want these results to be verifiable and lasting. This is what we stand for! Our objectives are clearly defined and can be quantified. Only results count – our customers share this point of view. This is exactly what sets our standards.Only this way can our consultants and colleagues be proud of having achieved something. And this is precisely the reason why we are always willing to go the extra mile.